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Del Potro aims to improve m�s on c�sped

Last updated: June 21, 2011, 18: 31 EDTJuan Mart?n del Potro Getty ImagesDel Colt venci? f?cil to Cipolla in the Cathedral

London - the Argentine Juan Mart?n del Potro, head of series n?mero 24 Wimbledon, pas? the first round of the tournament to the beating by 6-1, 6-4, 6-3 in one hour and 39 minutes Italian Flavio Cipolla. And he said he knows that he must continue to improve in c?sped.

Oblig? rain Monday afternoon to suspend the match between del Potro and Cipolla when s?lo were 39 minutes played, although the Argentine le hab?an provisions 21 first to win the first set by an overwhelming 6-1.

In the time remaining, before a downpour to stop all meetings on the outer slopes of the All England Club to five in the afternoon, Cipolla made hab?a recover to gain an advantage of 1-3 in the second partial.

At the resumed meeting Tuesday, del Potro not tard? in turn over the outcome of the second set (6-4) and crush easily Cipolla in the third (6-3).

"To be the first match game on grass since 2009 it was fine, though I can play better." "I have to improve many things if I want to keep me alive in the Championship," se?al? del Potro at the press conference after the party.

The argentino, to reapareci? in January on the circuit after a long lesi?n, indic? that his main aim this season is "play as many tournaments as possible", as? as "regain the rhythm and confidence".

"Now I have been doing well, and s? ?ste is the path." "Tennis is a very demanding sport, and is very dif?cil not feel discomfort or pain, but we must live with that," explic? the tennis in Tandil in the third Grand Slam of 2011.

Del Potro, former N? 4 of the world, afirm? that despu?s having not played on grass in a long season, "lost many things", but juzg? as a good start their debut against Cipolla.

"Grass does not need to make big shots, but s? be effective", describi? the Argentine, who, as other players of the tournament, has rented a house near the facilities of the All England Club for "being c?modo, inviting people and cooking" during the tournament.

The colt, winner of the United States open in 2009, achieved with this victory match his best result in the grass of the All England Club, where never has been able to overcome the second round.

This a?o is medir? in the next game to Belgian Olivier Rochus, n?mero 73 in the world to derrot? to franc?s Shepper Kenny with a score of 6-7, 3-6, 6-3, 6-1 and 6-4.

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